Trash Tree

"trash trees" are trees that have short life spans, grow very fast, and have weak wood. You could also use the trem to decribe trees that drop a large amount of nasty fruit, large leaves, branches and the like. I dont know what area you are in, but here in the midwest, trees like poplar, willow, silver maple, sycamore, and paulownia fit this description.

"It's not a good tree to have around. And just look at that cottonwood in the other corner of your yard. They can be dangerous trees. Wood's too soft. If you get rid of the trash trees and get a good tree, it'll be lots less trouble to you. No branches coming off in high windstorms. Won't fall down on your car. Plant you something good like an oak or something. Now THERE'S a real tree!"

"I'm afraid the wife really likes these," my husband said mildly. "I couldn't talk her into getting rid of them."

"Women... " the arborist muttered as he marked the black locust we wanted removed.

Farmer’s ‘trash tree’ is research team’s disease fighter
Eastern Red Cedar can fight “superbug”

A “trash tree” with little economic value and the ability to destroy farmland could be the key to fighting a deadly bacterium.

A team of scientists at the University of Missouri has found an antibiotic in the Eastern Red Cedar tree that is effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, a “superbug” that is resistant to most antibiotics.

In the Nazi worldview the superior being was a predator. This supposed recognition of "Nature's laws" is just capitalist culture with a biological wrapper. In life it isn't true. The lofty eagle isn't any more successful than mom sparrow. If anything, less so. If survival and dominance were everything, cockroaches might get olympic gold. Ecology is endless diversity, unending change, and development and interdependency of life forms that is complex beyond Man the Manager.